Welcome to the Richardson ISD's student transfer site.

This page is for students that live within Richardson ISD's boundaries...but not within the boundaries for the school they would like to attend - Intra-district.

If you are a new RISD employee, please contact Susan Howard to make sure you have a LIGHT account before completing this transfer form.

If you are an employee of RISD living outside of RISD's boundaries then please use Transfers in LIGHT(RISD employees only) to request an Inter-District transfer.

Student must be enrolled Online prior to completing the Intra-district Transfer Application.

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Part 1. Ethnicity: Is this person Hispanic/Latino?
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Part 2. Race: What is the person's race?
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Please read the following Summary of Transfer Conditions in order to submit this form.

Notice: My email and digital submission of this form certifies that all entered information is true and correct, that I have fully read and understand the above summary of transfer conditions, and that I understand my compliance with these conditions is required for this transfer.

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